For Starters

Based in Westborough MA, the OnCall Dentist is a family and general dentistry practice.

We treat mouths of all ages - from tiny newborns up. Whether you’re a busy mom with kids or an executive with a demanding schedule, we offer the latest dental procedures and innovations to provide you with the care you need whenyou need it.

We’re Called The Oncall Dentist For A Reason

We’re conveniently located. Whether you’re heading up or down the Mass Pike, I-495, Route 9 or I-95/128, we’re never out of the way.

The number of dentists currently practicing in Massachusetts. Many of them went to the country’s top dental schools and highly trained and technically skilled dentists.

If you call Massachusetts home, you have the good fortune of being able to choose from any one, often only a short ride from where you live.

Don’t Let The Numbers Fool You

Our experience - and the research - tells us patients today want more. And the Oncall Dentist is about something more – our patients.

They’re the DNA of our practice. It’s what sets us uniquely apart from what most patients have come to expect from the other 6,299.

What’s In A Name?

Everything! The OnCall Dentist understands patients have busy lives. That means providing care when and whereyou need it. And to prove we get it, we not only made it our name, we made it our tagline too - always on call.

So whether you need a Saturday appointment, want to head in after work or you wake up in the middle of the night with a toothache emergency, we’ll be there for you.

We Are Always On Call

watchWe have flexible hours. We offer appointments evenings and weekends. When you call us with a dental emergency – we’re here! And when you can’t get to us, we’ll arrange to come to you. When was the last time you had a house call from your dentist?

Speaking of Lip Service

While lots of dentists give lip service to being patient-friendly,
we put it to work everyday. A patient to us is more than a name next to an appointment time. We’re a people-practice. And everything we do – from our hours to our services - is there for the benefit of our patients.


Let’s Chat

How do we know what benefits our patients? We ask them. And we listen. Really listen. Every appointment - an exam or aprocedure - is also a conversation and another opportunity to learn from our patients.

The point patient conversation are important because they tell us a lot about how we can provide the personalized care at the heart of the Oncall Dentist.